Tuesday, 6-Feb at 16:30-17:20

Seminar: SHIPNEXT: Blockchain in Commodity Trading and Transportation
Is the project cargo transport industry ripe to adopt digitization, including online shipping platforms? The industry may need to move towards more ‘commodification’ – difficult in such an idiosyncratic industry – to truly embrace such digitization. What are the benefits and drawbacks? Our presenter, who has developed one such online platform, will address these questions.

Instructor: Alexander Varvarenko
Founder and CEO, ShipNEXT

Alexander Varvarenko is the Founder and CEO of ShipNEXT, the first online marketplace for the global shipping industry. He is also the CEO of Ukraine-based shipping company VARAMAR Group, with offices in Hamburg, Dubai, Odessa and Paris. Representing the third generation of a Ukrainian family with extensive experience in the European maritime industry, Varvarenko advocates fundamental changes in the industry through use of digital technology. He believes the shipping industry is long ripe for disruption that would increase its transparency and efficiency. Varvarenko is the founder of the Ukrainian Shipbrokers Club, CEO of CLUB Odessa and Chairman of FONASBA Ukraine.

About ShipNEXT

ShipNEXT is the first independent online platform for the global freight market, digitally matching cargo with the most optimal ship using a sophisticated algorithm and extensive database. The platform’s purpose is to minimize human error and increase efficiency by automating multiple routine checks and calculations relating to ship and port data, distances, restrictions, risk zones and rules of carriage by sea, among others. More than just an efficient automated ship-booking service, ShipNEXT services include online trading/fixing, instant charter party generation, post-fixing, and chat capabilities.