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MICCO is a fully integrated supply chain company operating with diversified services in all spheres of the logistics activities and evolved itself through periods of development commencing from 1978.

The growth of UAE and Abu Dhabi was rapid since its inception in 1971 and MICCO realized the necessity of a company that would cater and complement the vision and mission of UAE.

MICCO today are the leaders and the pioneers in 3rd party and 4th party logistics services in all industrial and service oriented companies in UAE and beyond. Key investments in transportation fleet, distribution, inspired driven information and technology and passionate manpower have only strengthened our foothold in the industry that reaches far and wide.

MICCO today reaches areas in warehouse management, transport logistics, heavy-lift handling, customs brokerage, manpower services for government related services, corporate relocation projects, travel and tourism trade, large scale operation in trade and project logistics.

Seem Mahasneh, Coordinator
+971 (2) 6776096